These past three months have been severely challenging for us all. As we reopen, we need to work together to save the businesses and organizations that had to keep their doors shut. We need our local businesses to reopen – and stay open - so that we may continue our momentum, keep jobs in the City, and help business owners maintain their dreams.


Please connect with us with your questions and concerns. This is a team effort and we need your input on how we can best support you. 


Mayor Paige G. Cognetti


Scranton WORKS has gathered the necessary resources of guidelines, orders and information from the Commonwealth to protect the health and safety of business owners, employees, and individuals while navigating the phased reopening. 

PA Phased

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Safety Order

Repoening Flyer 

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PA COVID-19 Workplace Safety Questions

Free COVID Printable Flyers

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Any open business must have this PA COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses Notice signed and displayed. 


(click the button to get your PA COVID-19 Notice)

The City of Scranton and Scranton Tomorrow have created the Safe Scranton Pledge, which identifies your business as one following the health and safety procedures for both employees and customers.  By taking the pledge, you will receive a Safe Scranton window decal to be displayed.

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Safe Procedure Pledge

Sidewalk Right of Way Permit

As the City of Scranton prepares to reopen, we want to assist our businesses while also protecting the safety and welfare of its citizens and visitors. In the reopening phases, all restaurants and brick and mortar retail establishments are able to extend dining and retail to outdoors for the length of the sidewalks in front of their buildings. Businesses are only permitted to continue existing permitted uses.

Additionally, Friday evenings beginning at 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00a.m.-12:00a.m., certain businesses may use certain street parking to further expand operations.  This expansion of outdoor dining and retail will allow businesses to increase capacity to comply with social distancing standards. It also helps keep residents and patrons safe and allows them to dine and shop without fear of overcrowding.

If you wish to utilize the Sidewalk Right of Way Permit, it can be found here:


Any questions should be directed to City Planner/Acting Zoning Officer at 570-348-4193, ext. 4280. 

Liquor License Extension - Outside Service

If you have a liquor license and wish to expand sales of alcoholic beverages into the outdoor area, you must contact both the City and the State Liquor Control Board for approval.

Businesses interested in serving alcoholic beverages must apply to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to temporarily extend their licensed premises to include the additional outdoor areas. Information on the PLCB application can be found here:



For the PLCB to process your application, you will first need a letter confirming approval from the City.  Please contact the City Planner/Acting Zoning Officer at 570-348-4193, ext. 4280 for such letter. The Licensing Department will be expediting all requests and responding as quickly as possible.

The City will work with businesses and the Police and Fire Departments and necessary public safety entities to coordinate use of parking spaces Friday through Sunday and possible street closures depending on need, feasibility, and safety concerns. The City is exploring the use of a Pilot program for street closures and will work with businesses in implementing.

Please note that by granting approval of your plans, the City of SCRANTON in no way has made a determination regarding your business’s compliance with the regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and/or the Liquor Control Board. You are encouraged to seek approval from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and to consult with an attorney of your choice to ensure compliance with any and all state regulations and requirements.