Looking to get away from the big city? Looking for your family to spread out? Looking to work remotely...come Work From Here in Scranton! Read on to learn about Scranton, it's amenities, living options and why you should Work From Here!

According to realtor.com®, Scranton is the third best place to work remotely during the pandemic in the U.S. By analyzing the 100 largest metros for access to high-speed internet (at least 250 Mbps), affordable home prices and a low cost of living.  Read more...


Scranton’s convenient location makes it the perfect City to live and work from. Live in a City with the feel of a small community and still just a two hour drive to Philadelphia and New York City. Looking to take a family beach trip? The Jersey shore is a few hours away by car. Scranton’s location makes it the perfect  place to raise a family.

Looking to travel further?  Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport is just minutes away. No matter where you’re searching for, Scranton has the means to get you there!



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Today's living includes "working" from home as well.  Scranton offers various living options.  Downtown living provides amazing amenities, which are like any large city.  Have a family, housing is affordable and your dollar goes much further with homes large and small.  Homes in Scranton allow for that "office" space, when working remotely.  Neighborhoods are friendly with many cultures and diversity among it's citizens.  


There’s always adventure awaiting you with the many hiking trails, bike paths, and parks! Go for a morning jog on the Lackawanna Heritage Trail, enjoy a picnic at Sturgis Park, or adventure into the Davis Trail at Nay Aug Park.

Whether you are looking for a full course dinner or a quick bite to eat, Scranton has the place for you. The City is filled with coffee shops, diners, and fine-dining.  See the Downtown Dining Guide here...



Montage Mountain Resorts



PNC Field



Everhart Museum



Nay Aug Park


There’s always a celebration in Scranton! Attend the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in March, the Scrantastic Spectacular in July, the Latin Festival in August, the La Festa Italiana in September, or the Times Tower Lighting in November! With events happening every month, you’ll always be looking forward to the next!

Several photos provided by DiscoverNEPA.